Employment is an intricate and fast developing area of the law. It is now essential that employers and employees know what their responsibilities and entitlements are.

At Godwins Solicitors LLP we offer specialist advice and can advise both employees and employers. As a result, we can bring a unique perspective to matters. Over the years we have appreciated the vital importance of pragmatic, commercially minded and flexible solutions.

Having advised on discreet and high value matters in the past we understand the need for the utmost discretion in what can often be sensitive situations.

This page describes the services we offer to employers. If you are an employee seeking more information, please click here to visit our employee page.


A myriad of issues are involved in the operations of a company of any size. As a result, navigating employment law can often prove challenging for employers. This is even more relevant as a result of the recent increase in the number of claims over employment matters.

While a number of the challenges involved in employing people are common to all businesses, certain matters acquire greater relevance in relation to particular commercial areas. What is true of any business is that creating a productive, happy and efficient workforce will help avoid disputes.

Business Transfers, TUPE and Redundancies

Commercial reorganisations, redundancies and restructurings are a fact of life in business and are more common in a trying economic climate. Godwins Solicitors LLP can assist businesses and individuals through any changes that they are making.

We are well versed in providing documentation to ensure that employees are well informed and fully consulted during any activities that fall under TUPE regulations, such as the sale or purchase of assets. Our support and advice will minimise the risks that can lead to claims.


As an employer, it is all too easy to find yourself having to deal with a claim for unfair dismissal and/or wrongful dismissal.  We can help you to navigate through this "minefield" area and hopefully, to resolve the situation.

Contracts of Employment and Service Agreements

A productive working relationship should begin with a clear and understandable contract of employment. At Godwins Solicitors LLP, we are experts in producing documents that do what they are supposed to across a wide variety of commercial situations.

Godwins Solicitors LLP are able to produce documents such as:

  • Staff handbooks
  • Employment contracts
  • Directors’ service agreements
  • Consultancy agreements

At the beginning of every new document, the fundamental objective should be to produce something that is tailored to the situation and delivers according to the concerns, budgets and objectives of the business.

Equality and Discrimination

Godwins Solicitors LLP can advise you and your business on a broad range of grounds relating to equality and discrimination. Such as maternity, age, disability and sexual orientation.

Discrimination can occur before, during or after employment and at this moment in time, awards for cases can be substantial. By involving Godwins Solicitors LLP, you can protect your business from risk.

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