Farms and Estates

"Did you know? Using your farm differently may affect how much tax you pay on it."

Godwins Solicitors LLP has grown and developed as a first-class business over many years. Our knowledge and experience of property law and land can help you grow and develop yours too. Whether common, private, owned or rented, you’ll want to be clear who can use your land and for what purposes.

We offer bespoke agricultural advice on:

Farm Purchases and Sales

Whilst the procedures for buying and selling agricultural and equine property are essentially the same as for any other real estate, the inherent tax implications of routine decisions can be far-reaching.Working closely with your accountants/tax advisors we can make sure you have the right paperwork in place.


Branching out could boost your income or make better use of your resources. Godwins Solicitors LLP provide advice on development opportunities and associated hazards, tenancy agreements, and can help you get planning permission. Our commercial property expertise can help you regenerate agricultural buildings and bring new life to your business.

Easements and Covenants

Godwins Solicitors LLP can help you navigate property law. We’ll work out whether land has conditions attached, or rights for others to use the paths or pipes running through it.

Grazing Rights

We can help provide you with grazing agreements and licences.

Farm Business Tenancies

Agricultural tenancies, now called farm business tenancies, can help you earn money from land you own, or get access to land you don’t. Godwins Solicitors LLP are experienced lawyers in land and estates, and can work through terms and conditions for you. We’ll also keep an eye out for anything which might affect its value and profitability.

Installation of Services and Facilities

Our knowledge and experience can help you avoid unnecessary costs when installing services such as telecoms and renewable energy sources. Godwins Solicitors LLP can advise on your contractual agreements and obligations, negotiate contracts and help you make the most of your permissions.

People: Alan Cowgill, Andrew Neal, Annabel Evans (Head of Commercial Property Department), Helen Brooker and Bekki Pritchard.

See also: Tax Advice, Landlord and Tenant, Commercial Property.

Over almost two centuries we have offered a first-class service to farms and estates around Winchester and beyond. Get in touch on 01962 841484 and let us help you.