Divorce and Family Law

Godwins Solicitors LLP can help no matter what the situation, or the emotional circumstances. Our close personal service and sensitivity will help you to consider all options, including making that fresh start that you may be looking for.

Family law is a complex and fast developing area of the law and as a result, we are always evolving and improving the services we offer. We have advised and acted on behalf of many clients and in matters that provide us with a wealth of experience. We are members of Resolution, which promotes a non-confrontational approach to family matters.

When you engage us, you will receive discreet, practical and effective advice.

We can help you with:

Divorce and relationship breakdown

The attentive service and practical advice of Godwins Solicitors LLP will help you achieve the outcome you desire. We can guide you on all legal aspects of relationship breakdown and “navigate” you to a new living situation. We can help you towards mediation to avoid Court, or manage an agreed separation if divorce isn’t quite right for you. We are deeply sensitive to the needs of our clients and our understanding and experience is aimed at smoothing out the legal process and to minimise the stress as much as possible.

Disputes concerning financial and property matters

We offer our clients the kind of specialist expertise that is essential when seeking solutions to matters involving money and property. We will work with you to assess what you own and identify any factors which may affect your position. We'll help you to try to achieve an agreement as quickly as possible, in a cost effective and satisfactory way. Speak to us and we will help you through this complex process.

Disputes concerning children

The interests of any child or children are paramount when their parents’ relationship breaks down. We are especially sensitive to all issues affecting children and your concerns about them and their future. We will help you consider all options whatever the situation (including possible mediation or Court assistance) and will do our best to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you and, of course, for the child or children involved.

Variation of existing financial orders

We can help you, if appropriate, to change the arrangements put in place when your relationship came to an end, either through negotiation, mediation or through the Court. If circumstances have changed, we can try to bring about a new agreement or if necessary, by making an application to the Court, thereby leaving you safe in the knowledge that you have the backing of the law.

Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial agreements

Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial agreements are increasingly common among couples as they prepare for their wedding day or reviewing arrangements between them thereafter. They are a practical and effective way of creating a harmony of opinion between both parties in a relationship and protecting their interests, whatever eventuality may occur. Their value is significantly strengthened if independent legal advice has been sought by each party and full financial disclosure is made.

Unmarried families

Our cohabitation agreements can prevent lengthy court disputes and can help to give you more certainty about the future. In the absence of such an agreement, we can potentially make use of other areas of the law, such as trust law, to resolve your case. While more common than ever, unmarried couples remain unrecognised in the law. There is no statutory code concerning the rights of cohabiting couples. Remember in particular that an unmarried couple living together do not have the same rights as a married couple (for example, an unmarried woman has no right to maintenance on relationship breakdown).

We can advise on every situation, bringing our experience to such areas as children, finance and property.


People going through a divorce must consider mediation and while this can sometimes be a difficult process, the outcome is often more satisfactory and cost effective than Court proceedings. We will support you throughout, offering advice designed to protect your position. We'll help you to reach an agreement through mediation and guide you in constructive discussions that take into the account the interests of all parties.

At Godwins Solicitors LLP we are family oriented and sensitive to the practicalities of ending a relationship (and possibly beginning a new one) in difficult circumstances. From sorting out finances and property matters to issues concerning children; from civil partnerships to constructive negotiations, we can help. Just call us.

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