"Did you know? Godwins Solicitors LLP has experience handling large and complex estates."

Godwins Solicitors LLP can assist in managing the affairs of the deceased. We have specialists who handle probate applications and the winding up of estates in an understanding and sensitive manner.

There are benefits to having our guidance throughout the process. Things to consider are:

  • Valuing the estate
  • Calculating Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax
  • Mitigating tax
  • Providing administration accounts
  • Navigating the claims of beneficiaries
  • Accounting to those who are to benefit from the estate of the deceased.

A robust and professional valuation will help save you money and prevent disputes, whether the estate consists of land, property, or valuable objects and collections.

As solicitors in the community, we have contacts to help you value the estate and overcome the practical obstacles of dealing with the assets of the estate. Our team has years of experience in the administration of estates and a trusted network of fellow professionals who can assist you. That includes valuers, land experts, house clearance companies and trusted removal firms; so whatever needs to be done, you won’t be left in the dark.

Our guidance can help mitigate tax risks and personal liabilities - through the use of Deeds of Variation and other carefully considered tax planning.

We can also advise in cases where beneficiaries are missing or abroad, or where disputes exist between beneficiaries, executors, or those who want to make a claim against the estate.

People: Fiona Leeson (Head of Department), Andrew Neal, Fiona Fox, Alan Cowgill, Selena Coleridge, Emma Dean, Sophie West and James Phipps.

See also: Wills, Tax Advice, Trusts, Divorce and Separation

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