Tax Advice

"Did you know? Godwins Solicitors LLP know about all the latest tax-reliefs and exemptions."

Godwins Solicitors LLP provides advice on tax planning, particularly in the following areas:

  • Inheritance Tax.
  • Capital Gains Tax.
  • Income Tax.

If you have recently acquired or inherited wealth, are buying or selling a house, or making arrangements for the optimal way to pass on your estate, Godwins Solicitors LLP can help. The team are adept at working with fellow professionals such as surveyors, accountants, financial advisors and land agents, to bring a comprehensive service to clients, including; farmers, landed estates, entrepreneurs and family businesses.

By planning ahead, you can save money and reduce your tax bill, so that your assets end up where you choose.

No funny business. Just solid, trusted advice and expertise.

Our team includes members of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners. This will ensure you benefit from up to date knowledge of the latest tax reliefs and know your advisor is subject to a strict Code of Conduct.

If you are looking for advice on commercial property or agricultural matters, see our business pages.

People: Fiona Leeson (Head of Department), Andrew Neal, Alan Cowgill, Fiona Fox, Selena Coleridge, Emma Dean, Alison Martin, Sophie West and James Phipps.

See also: Wills, Residential Conveyancing, Probate, Divorce and Separation

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