Woodland and Fishing Sales and Purchases

“We are well versed in the ongoing legal issues surrounding the purchase of fishing rights.”

Woodland transactions are largely either for tax advantages, or purely for leisure.

Tax advantages and grants

Professionally managed woodland can be a tax efficient way of passing wealth to future generations. With our expertise in inheritance tax, wills and tax advice, you can be sure everything is in order to get the most out of your land.

We can also advise on which grants and reliefs are available from government, which often depends on how you use the land and what species you have on it.

You should be aware of the law and regulations even if you are buying or selling woodland for leisure purposes only.

Planning and regulation

Regulations usually depend on how a forest functions - being different for a nature reserve than for providing fuel, or running another type of business such as a school or campground. Are you registered with the correct authority? Do you have permission to carry out forest works?

Whether for timber sales, tax, or for taking a stroll, Godwins Solicitors LLP has expert, specialist advice on woodland and forest law.

People: Rupert Morton-Curtis (Head of Residential Property Department) and Annabel Evans (Head of Commercial Property Department)

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For woodland or fishing conveyancing and advice contact Rupert Morton-Curtis, or call 01962 841484.