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Is it possible for one lawyer to help us through our divorce / separation? Can you advise me and my spouse / partner together?



Traditionally, family lawyers like myself have only been able to advise one client, either the husband or wife, or one of the separating partners. This is due to the professional conflict of interest rules governing lawyers.


Now, however, I and my fellow family law practitioners can, in certain circumstances, work with and advise couples jointly, including providing appropriate legal advice. This applies to couples going through a divorce or separation and/or helping sort out the arrangements for any children. This is a model called “Resolution Together”.


This way of sorting things out won’t be possible for everyone, but where there are no conflicts and disputes between couples this option may be available.


You would both meet with me separately at the outset so we can discuss your aspirations, concerns, what is important to you and so on. I can then deicide with you both whether Resolution Together might be an option for you.  If it is, we would then set out our first joint meeting.


First and foremost, I have a professional responsibility to protect you both from harm. Before setting up any joint meeting we would consider any risks to either of you and/or any children. A safe physical or virtual environment would be provided.


If you need any support or help here is a link to the Government domestic abuse portal with lots of useful sources of information and guidance –


If you would like more information about Resolution Together, family mediation, the collaborative process, arbitration or need help or advice about a family law matter please contact Sarah French on 01962 841484 or